About Me

I am a PhD Candidate in the Economics Department at UC Berkeley.

My research interests are development economics, industrial organization and healthcare economics.

Working Papers

Targeting Impact versus Deprivation

With Johannes Haushofer, Edward Miguel, Michael Walker and Paul Niehaus

R&R, American Economic Review

Should anti-poverty programs be targeted solely to the most deprived, or also to the most impacted households?

Other projects

Increasing access to contraceptive choice through targeted incentives

With Maria Dieci and Paul Gertler

We investigate how targeted subsidies for long-acting injectable contraception and provider incentives impact initial uptake, sustained adoption, pricing and stocking decisions for contraceptive products in local markets, sales, and user health outcomes. Following prior work on the effectiveness of subsidies to promote the adoption of new technologies and experience goods, we aim to test if subsidies lead to sustained adoption of injectable contraception as well as to study possible mechanisms for continued usage (or lack of) such as learning, price anchoring, and information effects. We propose a market-level cluster randomized controlled trial in 140 pharmacies in Kenya to answer these questions. Patient subsidies and pharmacist incentives will be cross-randomized and compared against the status quo to evaluate their effectiveness in promoting sustained adoption.

AEA RCT Registry 9020